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[Emacspeak] Re: Getting Started

True, Dr. Raman,

But Slint has it already configured and it works out of the box as they say.

Also - as I'm sure you know, Gilles from Oralux has a wonderful
emacspeak installer which has unfortunately been removed from the
Oralux archive, but I still have the file and I give a link to my copy
of the file here:

I used that script file to install emacspeak flawlessly in Debian and
Arch Linux - Slint as I mentioned already has emacspeak installed and

I know how - NOW - after making lots of errors - know how to install
emacspeak but for a non-programmer, it is very difficult at first, and
much of the documentation is old, and I didn't know and perhaps others
don't know that many helpful files are inside the emacspeak tar.gz
file, when I found those it was like a treasure chest of pure gold.

I just received an email today asking how to get emacspeak to download
mail, and I still haven't figured that out even after 15 years.  I
don't rely 100% on emacspeak because I still have some vision, so when
trying to configure emacspeak to receive my gmail, I just use mutt
with a screen reader.

I've tried using eww inside of emacspeak with very little success and
the configuration of gnus is (frankly) beyond me so far.  I am self
educated in computers and I find some are inconsistent in their
explanations which leads me to make errors.  Now I know that all
system-wide commands have to be made as root, but at first I didn't
understand that it was always so.  Also many programmers just shift
gears between user commands and administrator commands without
mentioning the shift of user privileges, all the programmers know what
they mean, but not the poor struggling users. Then some don't observe
good writing practices by putting command strings inside quotation
marks. Like issue this command "sudo make install" to make it easier
for less educated but struggling to understand persons more help by
being crystal clear and understandable.  It's very difficult to
remember when teaching violin to always say "now pick up the bow" when
nearly all accomplished violin players know that nearly always comes
first before any execution of playing.  But not all of us know all
these things. I have learned these things by teaching others some
things that I am an expert in to others who wish to learn.  I did not
realize that I was shifting lanes of the highway without signaling
before one of my students told me, for which I am forever grateful.

Best wishes,
David Ring

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