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[Emacspeak] Question possibly about dired and emacspeak?

Hello Hwaen,

m-x emacspeak-multimedia asks for an audio file, which it plays using
mplayer, controlled by means of a separate buffer. You can then switch
between buffers and carry on working normally with emacspeak whilst
mplayer plays.

C-h f emacspeak-multimedia will tell you how to use the mplayer
buffer.  You can also control the audio without visiting the mplayer
buffer, by invoking m-x emacspeak-multimedia again whilst the audio is


Hwaen Ch'uqi writes:
 > Greetings,
 > Is there a way of using something like timidity or mplayer in dired
 > while still operating on another file with emacspeak? At present, I
 > can listen to the audio output called in the dired buffer, and I can
 > meanwhile navigate to other buffers within emacs, but I cannot get a
 > voice to speak while the other audio is going on. I would be grateful
 > for any feedback.
 > Thank you!
 > Hwaen Ch'uqi
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