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[Emacspeak] Re: Stage part of a hunk in magit

On Thu, 2021-05-13 at 14:07 +1000, Tim Cross wrote:
> In what way does it not work or does it behave differently when
> emacspeak is running? Are there any errors? 

If I've got multiple new consecutive lines in a file tracked by Git, and I
want to stage only, say, the first two, I can bring up the diff in Magit,
move to the first new line, press C-<SPC>, move to the second line, and
press s to stage only those two marked lines.  This works if Emacspeak isn't
loaded, but if Emacspeak is loaded, then it always stages the entire hunk
(as determined by Git), regardless of where the mark is set.  I see no error
messages, nor any difference in the output to the magit-process buffer.

Also, without Emacspeak loaded, Magit uses different highlighting for the
lines between the mark and point (inclusive) when I'm doing this, but I
can't see any difference in Magit's highlighting when Emacspeak is loaded. 
I realize that many on this list may not be able to appreciate the
difference in highlighting, but I thought it might be useful diagnostically,
since the Magit manual says (in the Getting Started chapter):
> If the region looks like it does in other buffers, then it doesn’t select
> Magit sections that can be acted on as a unit.

All the best,


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