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Re: [Emacspeak] outloud server doesn't work, complaining of no language found


many thanks for all the hints!

yep - missing IBM TTS is the actual reason, that it seems, that I can't
use the (IMHO superior) voxin voices.

I missed the information, that IBM TTS is no longer available, meaning
that it is not that easy to use with emacspeak?

My current solution / setup (as reference for others, or perhaps someone
has better ideas):

- I found 'multispeech' for emacspeak.  With a simple wrapper-script
  (see below), defining it as user defined backend in multispeech, I use
  directly 'voxin-say', and so I get the voxin voices.

- but, unfortunately this results in a rather sluggish audio feedback,
  but is fine f. e. to read ebooks, or other longer texts.  As daily
  driver, to actually use emacspeak I switch to dtk-soft, with IMHO
  worse voice quality, but being very responsive.

btw - digging into dtk / gspeak, I saw that dectalk actually provides
other languanges, f.e. German.  But it seems, the dtk-soft tcl script is
not handling the switch of languages?  At least I was not able to switch
to German.

best regards, okflo

#+begin_src shell
 while read line
     voxin-say "$line"
 done < "${1:-/dev/stdin}"

"Gilles Casse" (via emacspeak Mailing List) <emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello,
> Voxin + IBM TTS is expected to be compatible with the Outloud speech
> server of Emacspeak.
> But unfortunately, Oralux can't sold anymore Voxin + IBM TTS due to a
> very low number of remaining runtimes.
> The support of IBM TTS for previous users will still continue though.
> Otto, the last emacspeak voxin installer (version 56.0-1) was tested
> against Debian 12 but not ArchLinux, sorry.
> It is expected to provide a very basic compatibility with the German
> Petra voice that you mentioned.
> Best wishes,
> Gilles
> On 13/11/2023 14:04, Otto Diesenbacher-Reinmüller (via emacspeak Mailing
> List) wrote:
>> hi, at first let me thank T.V. and all contributors for this great
>> piece of software!  Being already a heavy emacs user, before having
>> the need for an audio desktop, emacspeak was the logical solution for
>> me.
>> Unfortunately I am currently struggeling getting voxin / outloud to
>> run with emacspeak.
>> starting outloud (in emacspeak/servers) results in:
>> ./outloud
>> Using SoX
>> 19No language foundtts
>>     while executing
>> "load $tclTTS/atcleci.so"
>>     (file "./outloud" line 451)
>> (I got emacspeak working with espeak and also dtk-soft, but as I am a
>> native german speaker, I would prefer outload/voxin with a german
>> voice for german texts).
>> steps to reproduce:
>> - OS: archlinux, but also tried current ubuntu, same result
>> - get current emacs via git and compile & install
>> - I obtained from voxin.oralux.org <http://voxin.oralux.org> the
>> following languages:
>>   - voxin-american-english-allison-compact-3.4
>>   - voxin-american-english-allison-high-3.4
>>   - voxin-german-petra-ml-high-3.4
>>   - installed them.
>>   - voxin seems to be installed correctly, as calling voxin-say
>>     directly in the shell works. Also orca works, and shows the
>>     installed voice-packages.
>> - checkout emacspeak via git and get all depended stuff and built it,
>>   also doing make in servers/linux-outloud
>> I also tried the installer from
>> https://github.com/Oralux/emacspeak_voxin_install
>> <https://github.com/Oralux/emacspeak_voxin_install> with same result.
>> Digging into atcleci.cpp with my limited cpp-knowledge, that the call
>> to initLanguage(interp, aLanguages, nLanguages); always results in
>> NODEFINEDCODESET, despite nLanguages gets the correct result of 3
>> languages installed.
>> Many thanks for any hints!
>> best regards - okflo
>> (I posted this also as an issue at gitub of emacspeak, becomeing aware
>> of this mailing list afterwards)
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