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Re: tcldtk.so, Debian Woody, a favor to ask

Dave Hunt writes:
 > Hello,
 > Anyone who's been following this list knows of my troubles building
 > the shared library that works with the DECtalk software speech
 > emacspeak server in emacspeak 17.  The Linux distro in question is
 > Debian Woody.  I'm wondering if someone who has this server working in
 > Woody would be willing to send me his/her working "dtktcl.so", and
 > tell me where it should be placed.

As has been stated here a number of times, software DECTALK doesn't
run reliably under Debian 3.0, aka Woody, but it does work,
reportedly, under Debian unstable.

I suggest that you upgrade your system before continuing.

You might also, with profit, search the mailing list archive for prior
discussion of this topic.

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