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emacspeak aparently normal, but no sound

I'm trying to use emacspeak in debian testing.
I installed emacspeak, festival and eflite.

festival is outputting sound normally. I
test with (SayText "hello").

I make a
dpkg-reconfigure emacspeak
and turn eflite the default sound server.

emacspeak starts normally. I can
use it. but no sound. just a unusual
beep when changing paragraphs.

I tried to upgrade emacspeak+eflite+festival
from testing to unstable with
apt-get -t unstable install emacspeak festival eflite

but the problem continues.

nothing is write in /var/log/ when I start

I changed the variable 'Audio_Method
from linux16audio to Audio_Command
in festival, because linux16audio is
freezing my machine.

here is my instalation:

# dpkg -l festival eflite emacspeak
||/ Nome            Versão         Descrição
||/ Nome                    Versão                  Descrição
ii  festival                1.4.3-10                general multi-lingual
speech synthesis system
ii  eflite                  0.3.7-2                 Festival-Lite based
emacspeak speech server
ii  emacspeak               17.0-1                  speech output interface
to Emacs

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