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Problem with DECtalk Software

I don't know if this is really a DECtalk Software issue or the
software-dtk.so issue but quite often, it crashes my laptop
particularly when the machine has been left alone and it has gone into
"system standby" mode.  The problem seems to happen when I tap a key
or whatever to "wake it back up" and then I lose speech and the whole
machine locks up hard! I sure don't experience this often with linux.
This is a Hitachi M12D laptop with 16 meg or RAM.  Yes, the memory is
small, but this machine is cheap enough:).  I have the CVS version of
Emacspeak from last Friday 01/30 and Slackware 9.1 distribution.  I
tried both modules and statically compiled drivers for the built-in
SB16 compatible sound card and with and without Speakup loaded and In
all cases it still happens.  I will say that seems to happen more
frequently when I alter the speech rate.  If I come into emacspeak
with default values for rate,  I don't get the crash.

Any other experiences out there?
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