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More on Software DECTalk Crash

I've been playing around more with this laptop running latest CVS of
Emacspeak and Software DECtalk and the crashes seem to occur more
often when I have the speech rate set up to predefined value 5 or 6
globally.  When I leave at its default which is rather slow for me, it
appears to be more stable.  What I did this afternoon to see how long
it would stay up would be to leave the machine idle while in emacs and
then come along and tap the shift key to "wake things up" from system
standby, then do a c-e c-s to recycle the speech server; this seemed
to keep up for well over thirty minutes but as soon as I sped up to
rate 5 and did my test again about ten minutes later, it crashed!!!.
The wierd thing is for the most part if I stay right with it and never
let up on keyboard activity and such the system can stay up for quite
a long time - several hours possibly.  I sure wish I could figure out
what is really going on here.
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