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Re: Emacspeak born again

Ben van Poppel writes:
 > Firstly, vm6.75 (my preferred mailreader last time around) appears to
 > compile correctly but when I run it I get the following error:
 > execute-extended-command: File `/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/vm.elc' was
 > not compiled in Emacs
 > Also, w3-4.0pre.46 no longer appears to compile correctly; I get a
 > 'rong type argument error' after loading fns-12.2.1.el. Is this due to
 > changes in Emacs 21.2, or just some quirk that has to do with the
 > packaged Emacs on RH8? 

In both cases you have to upgrade. For example I am running vm 7.18,
and a recent version of Emacs/W3 from the CVS repository. Instead of
using Emacs/W3, many Emacspeak enthusiasts are now running @eM, a
text-mode Web browser with a good Emacs Lisp interface.

All of these are readily available as Debian packages, but as you are
running an RPM-based distribution you will have to search the net for
source code or RPM packages.
The Emacs/W3 CVS repository is at
with no password; you need the w3 and url packages, i.e.,
cvs co w3
cvs co url

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