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Emacspeak, gnus and bbdb.

Hello, list!

I run emacs 21.2, bbdb 2.35 and gnus 5.9.

My problem is that while in *article* buffer, most of the keybindings
stop working when bbdb is loaded. I tried several versions of
emacs/gnus/bbdb but suddenly discovered that the root of the problem
was with emacspeak. When i install debian on my box i install
emacspeak 15.3 (which is part of the official debian woody
distribution) and noticed that the problem disappeared. After
upgrading to a newer version of emacspeak, that problem went back. I
tried all version from 17 through 19, but the problem is present in
all those versions accept for 15.3.

The problem is that keys such `n', `q' etc, don't work in *article*
buffer (though they still work while in *summary* or *group* buffer)).
I got no error messages eccept "no command on this key".

So my question is, if anyone else hav similar problem and how can it
be solved.

With best wishes,


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