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emacspeak and auctex

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This is a complex auctex related bug that I was not able to chase down
in the auctex code.>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@xxxxxxxxxxx>

The work-around is to set the following when working with auctex:
(setq font-lock-keywords-only  t)

I usually do this in a file called .emacs-dirvars in the top level
directory under which I organize all tex documents.

    Tim> I've noticed a problem with comments when using auctex to
    Tim> create latex files with emacs 21.3 and emacspeak 19.

    Tim> When creating a latex document, if I put a comment in with %
    Tim> all subsequent lines have their font-locking changed so that
    Tim> they are set to the font-lock comment face. If I insert a
    Tim> control-l into the document, then lines following the
    Tim> control-l are font-locked with the correct face.

    Tim> I'm pretty sure this is a problem within emacspeak. Here is
    Tim> what I have done to verify this -

    Tim> 1. run emacs -q to prevent my .emacs from being loaded. Note
    Tim> that I have a file called 10emacspeak.el in my
    Tim> /etc/emacs/site-start.d which starts emacspeak. The problems
    Tim> with comments in latex files still exist.

    Tim> 2. I then moved my 10emacspeak.el file out of my
    Tim> /etc/emacs/site-start.d directory and started emacs with
    Tim> emacs -q again. This time, no problems, latex comments are
    Tim> font-locked correctly.

    Tim> 3. I then ran emacs without the -q switch and latex files are
    Tim> font locked correctly with the coment lines in it.

    Tim> Now, to me this looks like the problem is within emacspeak
    Tim> (I'm running version 19). It could also be a problem with
    Tim> some weird interaction between emacspeak and other packages I
    Tim> have installed and which are loaded from my site-start.d
    Tim> directory.

    Tim> What I would like to know is if anyone else has observed the
    Tim> same thing. If others are running emacspeak 19 and not having
    Tim> a problem with font-locking and comments when editing latex
    Tim> files with auctex, I'd also like to hear from you. I'd like
    Tim> to know what other packages you are loading and what
    Tim> distribution you are running. I'm running on Debian sarge
    Tim> (aka testing). If I can get enough info from people who are
    Tim> runing similar versions who are having problems and some who
    Tim> are not, I might be able to determine which third party
    Tim> package is causeing the problems and then work out how to fix
    Tim> it. Meanwhile, when I have time, I will see if I can track
    Tim> anything down within emacspeak itself.

    Tim> Note that I've observed this behavior on two different debian
    Tim> boxes. The second system is a fresh install on a new system
    Tim> of debian sarge with a minimal number of emacs packages from
    Tim> the sarge distribution, which makes me think it more than
    Tim> likely is emacspeak.

    Tim> If anyone more familiar with the internal workings of
    Tim> emacspeak has any idea why a control-l will stop the
    Tim> subsequent lines form being incorrectly font-locked, let me
    Tim> know as this may narrow down the possiblities and make it
    Tim> easier for me to possibly track down the problem.

    Tim> Tim

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Best Regards,

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