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Re: New Release of Eflite

Hi Mike,
I downloaded and installed Eflite-0.3.8 on Monday and tried out
Emacspeak for about 5 hours yesterday. The old problem is gone ---
thanks a lot!
However, I would like to report two oddities:
Emacspeak startup icon does not play it starts off with "Press C-h C-e
...etc", which is a minor assurance.

2. Towards the end of the session, I was doing a query-replace on  a
   long LaTeX document and suddenly things stopped working. I noticed a
"Process speaker not working" ; I closed the Emacspeak session and
   restarted --- everything went fine again. I am sorry I could not
   check the *Messages* buffer since any command I issued just resulted
   in a beep and the "process not working" message in the echo area. So
   I cannot report any worthwhile symptoms other than what I have done
Thanks again,

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