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Unidentified subject!

Bruce --

Your partial mail thread with John gone forwarded to me indicating
that command "resume" was missing in the Emacspeak dtk-soft speech

I just checked and find this to be untrue; however since I only
received  your cited message, and not the code you emailed John I have
no idea if I'm interpreting your message correctly.

If you do have a patch that fixes the dtk-soft server please email it
to the emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

It's true that if you pause the tts engine and fail to resume it, the
engine will hang; however without additional information as to what
you were indicating when you said "resume" was missing, I wont be able
to fix this in the CVS repository.

What I checked:

in tcl file dtk-soft:
tts_resume calls command resume 
tts_pause calls pause --
and resume and pause are implemented in ttsdtk.c --- incidentally that
code was incorrectly checking for the return code from the builtin DTK
C functions which I have subsequently fixed.


Best Regards,

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