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serious tcl problems -- emacspeak no longer working

Yep, I do have those installed, but was using the wrong shell, now I
find when using the correct one that they want an environment
variable EMACSPEAK_DIR which I had not seen before.
I can put this in the script, but I wish I knew about the thing.
on Monday 05/03/2004 Tim Cross(tcross@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote
 > Your using the wrong Tcl shell. Emacpseak requires extended tcl, not
 > standard tcl. You need to install the tclx8.3 and tclx8.3-dev
 > packages. The extended tcl shell is just called tcl. The normal/basic
 > tcl shell is tclsh and is no use because emacspeak takes advantage of
 > the extended features in extended tcl which are not in standard tcl.
 > Tim
 > >>>>> "John" == John Covici <covici@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
 >  John> Hi.  I have been trying to use the emacspeak20.0 and I have run
 >  John> into very strange tcl problems i.e. it seems not to recognize
 >  John> some of its commands including signal fcntl and possibly
 >  John> others.  For example, when I do tclsh
 >  John> /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/dtk-soft I get
 >  John> invalid command name signal at line 296 of dtk-soft.  I am
 >  John> using Debian packages if that is any help.
 >  John> Thanks.
 >  John> -- John Covici covici@xxxxxxxxxxx
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         John Covici

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