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Re: Emacspeak And Software Dectalk

At the end of this mail, you will find a message from Laurent Cadet de Fontenay. He was first interested in the English synthesizer.


I don't think my message got through to the Emacspeak list, so here we go again.

I use the software Dectalk under Emacspeak and like it very much.

I acquired my lisence in January this year.

I'm learning Emacspeak using Oralux and find the Dectalk far superior in quality and responsiveness to the other provided synthesizers.

Dropping support for the software Dectalk would be most regretable in the absence of an alternative software synth that makes Emacspeak close to fully usable.

The relatively high cost for people in developing countries is a problem.  Maybe it would be possible to convince the manufacturer to make the price lower, thereby increasing sales output.


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