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Newbie questions about installing Emacspeak on Slackware 9.1

I have Slack 9.1 and I installed the network and console application
packages including the E series for Emacs.

I also installed Emacspeak from the 2nd CD-rom, it was in the extras

By "installing" I mean simply telling the package tool to do it.

I picked Slack rather than a distro with better package support because it
included speakup. I wanted a distro with lots of console apps and a way to
avoid installing X. For example, the current Fedora everything-install
consumes 10GB of space, and even its laptop configuration includes X and is
missing console applications. So I picked Slack.

Anyway, emacs now gives me the error:
	emacs: error while loading shared libraries: libXaw3d.so.7:
	cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

My machine has a 3GB hard drive, and I had not planned to install X because
I don't have the space and neither need or want it.

But, I was pretty sure the error occurred because I was trying to run a
binary that had been linked for X so I tried another experiment.

I installed Slackware, Emacs and Emacspeak on a second machine, but this
time I installed everything including X, and both emacspeak and Emacs run
fine there. I have a loaner Dectalk express so I haven't have to fool with
software speech yet -- that will be the next adventure.

But the second machine doesn't belong to me, so I need to resolve this
errror on my own machine.

How can I get Emacs and Emacspeak to run without installing all of X, in
other words, how can I save hard disk space and only install what I need?

The how-to says I need the binary linked for X. But the how-to seems pretty
out of date. In the days it was written, the X libraries were probably a lot
smaller. I'm finding it hard to trust the emacspeak installation how-to
because so many of its links and avice (like the appendix on Viavoice and
trying to use Narrator to install Linux) are clearly inaccurate.

The ultimate goal is to arrive at a  setup that's suitable for my laptop, so
I can dispense with Windows. But I'm practicing on an older machine with
only 3GB of total space.

My laptop has 6GB and I do not want it all consumed with libraries and
binaries I can't even access!

I am a newbie, so  please feel free to recommend anything -- a more current
how-to, a better distro, or a better place to get this kind of advice.

       --   Debee
(Deborah Norling)
Alternate Media Specialist
DeAnza College
Phone: 408-864-5815
       <MailTo: norlingdeborah@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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