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Odp: flite speaks too fast

Yes I also did it. it is in eflite, but there I don't hear 
anything so I thought that the reason is that flite produces to 
fast speech.
The detailed steps I did is:

0) pwd
1) tar -zxvf flite-1.2-release.tar.gz; ##directory: flite-1.2-
release will be created
2) cd flite-1.2-release; ./configure; make
3) ./bin/flite doc/alice ## here I can hear very fast speech
3) cd ..
4) tar -zxvf eflite-0.3.8.tar.gz; ## new directory: eflite-0.3.8 
will be created
8) cd eflite-0.3.8
9) ./configure flite_dir=/usr/src/speech-eflite/flite-1.2-release
10) make
11) make test ## here I don't hear anything


Dnia 9-06-2004 o godz. 6:44 Kalyan Mukherjea napisał(a):
> Hi Matthew,
> Have you tried using flite with Emacspeak? In Emacspeak you 
can alter
> the speech rate by doing "C-e d r INTEGER". The default is 255 
wich is
> very fast, but I use 166 and find it satisfactory. 
> Also for eithe flite or eflite (I'm not sure which one) the 
> is after >./configure
>               >nake
> to do:   >make test
> Did you try that?
> Good luck.
> Kalyan 

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