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Updated Drivers

I have just made available on my web site some updated drivers for
emacspeak. This includes updated drivers for Cepstral's Theta TTS and
a modified version of the software dectalk driver which works with
version 5.0 of the software dectalk. 

Changes in these versions include -

- Two Cepstral drivers. One is a simpler driver which uses just one
  voice, whicle the second is based on the original driver which uses
- Inclusion of a generic-voices.el file, which may be of interest to
  anyone who wants to add very basic support for a new synthesizer.
- A modified software dectalk server which will work with version 5.0
  of the software dectalk. The driver has been "improved" by removing
  some of the in-line dectalk commands. I found some of these commands
  were responsible for some of the poor quality in the speech
  output. Once I removed these commands, the server became much more

These versions of the drivers should work with the most recent
official release of emacspeak - version 20. If your using an earlier
version or a more recent version checked out from CVS, you may need to
hack things a bit.

If you find problems/bugs, please report them to the emacspeak mailing
list rather than me directly as then everyone will be aware of the
problems and maybe even the solutions!


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