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emacspeak; grub, and speakup

I had a system with all three running recently.  The slackware 10.0 system 
replaced that though.  When I got emacspeak running it was with the 
litetalk synthesizer.  I did it by booting into speakup; logging in, doing 
a kill speakup, turning off litetalk, turning on litetalk, then typing 
emacspeak.  What has me interested is if there's a way using grub to make 
emacspeak its own booting label without the speakup stuff getting invoked 
at all.  I'll probably have to forego the making of an initrd step too 
since that's used to start up speakup in Fedora core 1 and Fedora Core 2. 
With lilo.conf it was possible to have an emacspeak entry as a boot choice 
and run emacspeak once booted.  Something else I'm curious about with grub 
and lilo, does any way exist in which the booting label a user came in on 
could be passed out of lilo and grub and passed along to a script?  If 
that were possible, it might be possible to fire up emacspeak when a user 
came in on the emacspeak label automatically based on that condition.

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