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Re: linux-outloud and slackware 10.0

Okay, I'll try with flite I suppose.  I never did manage to get the 
hardware synthesizer working on any of these later versions of emacspeak 
either because of that stty problem.  Interestingly 1A in the 
TROUBLESHOOTING document provides the same error when you try to set the 
port up.  I can't figure its logic out either because It's being 
redirected with a (<) sign and that's away from the port not towards the 

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Tim Cross wrote:

> Jude,
> Looks like IBM's ViaVoice is now no longer working on slackware
> either. Most of the other distributions ran into this problem some
> months back - it all depends on which C libraries they use. Looks like
> slackware 10 is now using later C libraries as well.
> Time to find another software synthesizer for your system.

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