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doubletalk server question

1. the tcl command won't work if you just issue it in a tcl
interpreter because the which_os command is a procedure defined in the
doubletalk file and therefore is not defined in just the bare
interpreter. This can easily be determined by doing a simple grep for
which_os in the file.

2. The syntax is fine - nothing archaic about it. In fact, it is
widely recognized that Tcl is one of the few interpreted languages
which handles lists in a consistent and functional manner. Lack of
understanding of something does not mean it is less, archaic or
inferior - it simply means you don't understand it.

3. The command you tried to execute sets the variable machine to a
value representing the OS being used.

4. The doubletalk driver has not been updated or even maintained for a
long time. It will still work (I used it only a few months ago), but
it has problems because it does not recognize some of the changes made
in the commands issued by emacspeak. 

5. Others are using hardware synthesizes with emacspeak without any
problems. I've used both the doubletalk and dectalk with no need for
changing source code. More than likely its your hardware which is

6. The < in the stty settiings is correct. Stty works on standard
input - the < $port just makes that the standard input for the

7. The /usr/bin/tcl line is not required as long as you have the
TCL_PROGRAM variable set - unless something has changed in emacspeak,
the script will be executed with whatever is in that variable e.g. tcl

All I can say is this stuff works for lots of people - if its not
workinig for you then its your setup, not the software. I notice from
earlier posts your computer doesn't seem to know what its hostname is,
which can cause lots of subtle problems and is a sign your system
configuration is a bit screwed up. 

>>>>> "Jude" == Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 Jude> set machine [which_os] is that archaic tcl syntax?  I did that
 Jude> one command line inside of tcl and got back an error for my
 Jude> trouble.  All of this is happening on slackware 10.0 with
 Jude> emacspeak-ss-1.9.1 and yes I did put the #!/usr/bin/tcl line in
 Jude> as the first line of the doubletalk server.  That file now has
 Jude> 1040 lines as a result of that addition.

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