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Changing voice on emacspeak with DECtalk software speech server

Hi Nat,

I believe you can make the changes you want through the customize
interface. There are areas within the emacspeak customize group and
its sub-groups which will allow you to change the voices used for
different tasks and also the aural cascading style sheet
settings. Unfortunatley, I don't think there is one place where yu can
just do a single setting and you will probably need to experiment to
get voice parameters correct.

Although it may not make any difference, I found the quality of the
software dectalk speech improved considerably by removing some of the
in line commands put into the speech by the dtk-soft script. I have a
modified version of this script available on my web page
(http://www-personal.une.edu.au). It might be worth giving it a try
and see if the french voices improve as well.


>>>>> "Nath" == Nath  <nath.ml@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 Nath> Hello all, Since speech quality has become very poor in DEctalk
 Nath> software 5.0 in French language comparing to version 4.61, I
 Nath> ask me if it is possible in emacspeak to have another voice by
 Nath> defaut, for example a female voice instead of the default male
 Nath> voice. Perhaps changing voice will help me to understand better
 Nath> ? I don't know but I will be very interested to test.  Does it
 Nath> exist an emacspeak command to do a such thing or may I modify
 Nath> the speech server source code ?

 Nath> Thx in advance for your suggestions,

 Nath> -- Nath

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