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Speech Servers

As I'm hoping to implement replacements support for the Cepstral TTS
using their new swift engine, which has a different API to the
previous theta engine, I thought I'd document the process for creating
support for a new TTS engine. This should make it easier for others to
create new interfaces for other synthesizers.

I have also done a generic-voices.el file which I think would be a
good add-on for emacspeak. This file can be sued to provide very
generic support for almost any synthesizer. I've used it for the
"generic" non-SSML version of theta. I feel it could be useful for
engines like eflite as it does away for the requirement to "clean" TTS
specific codes from the input, whcih was the approach used last time I
checked out eflite. While this sort of file would never be able to
support multiple voices and many other "advanced' features, sometimes
its worth foregoing such features in return for a simple and reliable


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