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Emacspeak-21 and `w' key in dired mode

Just discovered a peculiar thing. The `w' keybinding in dired
buffers which copies the filename to the kill ring is not
present in Emacspeak-21 (using Emacs-21.3)! This keybinding
was a nifty feature and is present in my Emacspeak-19 + 
Emacs-21.2 on my office machine. Has it been removed and why?

I am appending the list of keybindings that appear when I do C-h m ina
dired buffer.

key             binding
---             -------

TAB		emacspeak-speak-next-field
RET		dired-advertised-find-file
C-n		dired-next-line
C-o		dired-display-file
C-p		dired-previous-line
C-t		emacspeak-dired-speak-symlink-target
C-x		Prefix Command
ESC		Prefix Command
C-_		dired-undo
SPC		dired-next-line
!		dired-do-shell-command
#		dired-flag-auto-save-files
$		dired-hide-subdir
%		Prefix Command
&		dired-flag-garbage-files
'		emacspeak-dired-show-file-type
*		Prefix Command
+		dired-create-directory
,		emacspeak-speak-previous-field
-		negative-argument
.		dired-clean-directory
/		emacspeak-dired-speak-file-permissions
0 .. 9		digit-argument
;		emacspeak-dired-speak-header-line
<		dired-prev-dirline
=		dired-diff
>		dired-next-dirline
?		dired-summary
A		dired-do-search
B		dired-do-byte-compile
C		dired-do-copy
D		dired-do-delete
G		dired-do-chgrp
H		dired-do-hardlink
L		dired-do-load
M		dired-do-chmod
O		dired-do-chown
P		dired-do-print
Q		dired-do-query-replace-regexp
R		dired-do-rename
S		dired-do-symlink
X		dired-do-shell-command
Z		dired-do-compress
^		dired-up-directory
a		emacspeak-dired-speak-file-access-time
c		emacspeak-dired-speak-file-modification-time
d		dired-flag-file-deletion
e .. f		dired-find-file
g		revert-buffer
h		describe-mode
i		dired-maybe-insert-subdir
k		dired-do-kill-lines
l		dired-do-redisplay
m		dired-mark
n		dired-next-line
o		dired-find-file-other-window
p		dired-previous-line
q		quit-window
s		dired-sort-toggle-or-edit
t		dired-do-toggle
u		dired-unmark
v		dired-view-file
x		dired-do-flagged-delete
y		dired-show-file-type
z		emacspeak-dired-speak-file-size
~		dired-flag-backup-files
DEL		dired-unmark-backward

<up>		dired-previous-line
<down>		dired-next-line
<mouse-2>	dired-mouse-find-file-other-window

C-x u		dired-undo

ESC $		dired-hide-all
ESC }		dired-next-marked-file
ESC {		dired-prev-marked-file
ESC C-p		dired-prev-subdir
ESC C-n		dired-next-subdir
ESC C-u		dired-tree-up
ESC C-d		dired-tree-down
ESC DEL		dired-unmark-all-files
ESC =		dired-backup-diff

% S		dired-do-symlink-regexp
% R		dired-do-rename-regexp
% H		dired-do-hardlink-regexp
% C		dired-do-copy-regexp
% r		dired-do-rename-regexp
% m		dired-mark-files-regexp
% g		dired-mark-files-containing-regexp
% d		dired-flag-files-regexp
% l		dired-downcase
% u		dired-upcase

* t		dired-do-toggle
* C-p		dired-prev-marked-file
* C-n		dired-next-marked-file
* DEL		dired-unmark-backward
* !		dired-unmark-all-marks
* ?		dired-unmark-all-files
* u		dired-unmark
* m		dired-mark
* s		dired-mark-subdir-files
* c		dired-change-marks
* %		dired-mark-files-regexp
* @		dired-mark-symlinks
* /		dired-mark-directories
* *		dired-mark-executables

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Toggle Voice Lock mode.
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This light-weight voice lock engine leverages work already done by
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