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Re: Development of a server for emacspeak for brazilian portuguese


  I congratulate you on your decision to come back from the dark side
( windoze! ).  I think the trip will be fruitful for you and your country.

  Speaking computers has been a back burner issue for me, that is, I have
been following the new groups but have not done any real active programming

  I would be very happy to help you in any way I can.  One of my projects,
on the back burner, is a bootable Linux CD with Emacspeak as the default
interface.  I have all the pieces but I am currently working on another
project and very close to completing it.

  I would like to follow your efforts.  Have you considered start a local
mailing list just for you project??  Also, what kind of resources do you
have available to the project??  I was thinking about a Soekris SBC with
a USB Keypad or Keyboard and sound card.  They are a little on the pricey
side but the do run on 12VDC.  Which could be handy for remote areas
( Like mine ).  I am assuming you will not be using a local monitor?  Are
you going to network these devices together or will they be standalone?

  Lots of questions.  Have you written a project plan?  Do you have a web
site for this project?  How much Linux experience do you have available?
How can I help??

  William Estrada

Marcelo Lima wrote:

Hi all,

        I am a software developer working for a government bureau in Brazil. I am working in a projetct to develop a speech synthesizer for Linux, and other unix systems, for the brazilian portuguese. This project is a goal of the brazilian government to improve digital inclusion, giving to the visually impaired acces to the public services. The project began because the objective of the brazilian government of promoting and migrating all the public systems and government's bureau to free software. One of our goals is to release some tool in Linux with speech feedback. The chosen tool is the Emacspeak because the Emacspeak is the most common tool used by the visually impaired on Linux in Brazil. Therefore, we need to make our speech synthesizer work with Emacspeak. I need to develop a speech server for Emacspeak but I didn't find any documentation about the development of such software or any API. I would like your help abou wath I need to make my synthesizer work with Emacspeak, the components I need to develop... or a path to follow. Finishing this, the softwares will be release to the community and used to create a Linux distribution specially to visually impaired. Please, help me with some documentation or any other thing that you could help me.


Marcelo Pires B. Lima
System analyst - SERPRO - Brazil
+55 (21) 2159-3833

William Estrada -- MrUmunhum at popdial dot com -- 408-997-0743
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