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  Subject: Re: Development of a server for emacspeak for brazilian portuguese

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Hello Gilles,

        I read about the projetc Oralux on the internet and I thought it may be very interesting to us. In the future, after we had concluded the speech server and tested it, I think we will want ask for you to include our synthesizer too. Could you send me a copy of the CD to evaluate it and show it to my team?


Marcelo Pires B. Lima
System Analyst - SERPRO - Brazil
+55 (21) 2159-3833

"Gilles Casse" <gcasse@xxxxxxxxxxx>
01/25/2005 02:28 PM
        Para:        "Marcelo Lima" <marcelo.lima@xxxxxxxxxxx>
        cc:        emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx
        Assunto:        Re: Development of a server for emacspeak for brazilian portuguese



I am happy to read about a free voice synthesizer for the Brazilian
Portuguese language.

We are developping Oralux, a GNU/Linux distro for the vision impaired
persons. This Live CD proposes Emacspeak as one of the possible

If you are interested in I propose you to evaluate the Oralux CD.

Besides it, if possible, we will be glad to include your voice synthesizer
in the CD.


Gilles Casse

Oralux http://oralux.org

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