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trouble accessing sourceforge

It's a problem that is now more than a month old.
Basically there was a CVS outage at sourceforge in December, and
one of my checkins ended up leaving a stale CVS lock in directory
The only way to clean this up is for the sourceforge support
staff to remove the stale lock; however all support requests to
them have been silently ignored.

At this point I dont know how I'm going to proceed -- checkins to
everything except servers/ works correclty. 

This is going to be become an issue for making the next release,
and I may well have to abandon sourceforge --- with the possible
alternative being moving to savannah.gnu.org --- however that
move would involve doing work ---

>>>>> "RAYNER" == RAYNER Peter <peter.rayner@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    RAYNER> I have had trouble logging into cvs on sourceforge
    RAYNER> for the last 24 hours.  I'm using a command like cvs
    RAYNER> -d:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/emacspeak
    RAYNER> login which has worked in the past.  I'm getting a
    RAYNER> timeout Has anything changed since last I did this or
    RAYNER> is this a temorary problem?  thanks again Peter
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Best Regards,

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