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Re: changing gnome2 window-manager to sawfish

Hello Thomas,
You wrote:

. I often switch between gnopernicus and emacspeak depending on the task
 > I wish to proform.
 > Hth.

 use Emacspeak 21 with flite +eflite as software synth on a Fedora
 Core 2 running X windows (gnome)  . I have not tried installing
 festival or gnopernicus for fear of conflict between thw two sets of
 "speech producers". Is this danger real? Is it a hassle changing from
 one to the other? I am almost totally blind so would not be able to
 click on icons or GUI menus etc. The announcement of a Speakup
 enabled Fedora distro means that if I can use gnopernicus and
 Emacspeaak in the same session, then I would not  need any sighted help at

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