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None of my other speech servers talk except for eflite

I installed emacspeak on my debien system as follows. 
Apt-get install emacspeak-ss this installed emacs21 emacspeak and the
emacspeak servers.   Before I issue this command I installed flite
speech-dispatcher and yasr.  I also have speakup installed using 2.0 cvs
and kernel image 2.4.27 
The command I used to install speech-dispatcher flite festival and yasr
was this 
Apt-get install flite festival speech-dispatcher eflite ya 
Yasr talks just fine using eflite so does emacspeak.  
So I kill the speakup and run emacspeakconfig and select the accentsa no
speech.  Infact emacs will not even close with c-x c-c.  
Then I install my dectalk software 
And run emacspeakconfig again selecting  the dectalk software same
problem.  Switch back to eflite and speech works fine. 
Install speechd-el to make sure speech-dispatcher will work ok. 
Apt-get install speechd-el 
Ran emacs started speechd-el 
M-x speechd-speak it works fine  with all three synthesizers using
speech dispatcher.  
Any ideas why eflite is the only speech server that will work with emac
speak with this configuration.  

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