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install on debian sid

I have installed emacspeak on debian sid and I am having a bit of a
problem.  I did an apt-get of emacspeak and flite and the message I get
when I run emacspeak from the commandline is

Process speaker not running

Here is a bit of background:

I am currently using speechd-el but I can not make it do the things that
I need it to do..  I can not get it to read out to read characters like
period  when I type them. or when they show up in docs  There are others
but this a good example.  The setup I have now is pretty functional, and
it is agood start but I need more.

I also can not get the auditory icons working.  I have read the docs and
they do not seem to be helping.  Another reason that I want to change to
emacspeak is the docs.  They seem to be better written.

By the way, I went to read the mailinglist archive and the page seems to end the
archibe at 2003.  Was I looking at the wrong page?

I have been using Linux for several years and am pretty familiar with
most things.  I have been using debian for over a year,  I am also
familiar with emacs, gnuus and w3m.  I have only been blind for a few
months now and am not completely comfortable with it.  I have a few
people that are helping me to get my computer working but thet are not
as familiar with Linux as I am.

If any more information is needed it can be provided.



Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@xxxxxxxxxxx

You have many friends and very few living enemies.

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