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Emacs W3 Problem

This weekend, I thought it was about time I tried to work out why I
have not been able to get emacs w3 working reliably. It seems that
there is a problem with relative links within w3 and I wanted to know
if anyone else has seen this and possibly has a solution. 

I'm running -

Linux Debian Sid (Testing)
Emacs 21.4
w3-el-e21 (version 4.0pre.2001.10.27-16)
w3-url-e21 (version 2001.11.08-7)

When I try to follow a link in a page, it seems w3 is parsing the
information icnorrectly. For example, if I'm at the page


and that page has a url of the form <a href="about/index.html">next
link</a>, tabbing to that link and hitting enter causes w3 to try and
retrieve the url http://www.some.host/about/index.html when it should
be trying to retrieve http://www.some.host/dir/about/index.html. It
seems that instead of forming the relative link so that it is relative
to the current page, it forms one which is relative to the document
root of the remote server. 

Has anyone (especially anyone using Debian) seen this problem? If so,
does anyone have a fix? If not, I'll try to track it down further. 


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