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Re: no sound from emacspeak(21.0) + festival(1.95)... localhost notin access...

>>>>> "P" == Pierre Lorenzon <pollock.nageoire@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    P> Sure but flite is not festival and if you want a good speech
    P> quality you'll prefer festival .

Do you have Festival working with a recent Emacspeak?  Can you post
your driver code? (Please? :)

I had tried Festival with Emacspeak 16 to 22, but even when I solved
the problem of host-access, most of the Emacspeak program prompts and
warning messages were missing, I was getting dectalk control codes
mixed into the stream and the Festival server would frequently
spontaneously exit, and the home dir would fill up with Festival
log/scm files.  It was a mess, and seemed unusable without sight.

I tried to solve the exit and log-buildup by running the following
'daemon' in the emacspeak launch shell script:

    while [ true ]; do \
        find $HOME -name festival_server.log | xargs rm -f
        rm -f /tmp/est_* /tmp/festival_server*
        festival --server /etc/festival_server.scm \
        > /tmp/festival_server.log 2>&1 ;\
        done &

unfortunately the current distribution Festival server tcl script is
very broken and not prepared for a lost server situation; when the
old server exits and a new one begins, emacspeak would not recover, it
would lock solid needing a kill -9 to continue.

Festival is a very good software synth with a very rich collection of
voices and utility scripts, and it is at least as fast on a P3/300 as
the old AccentSA hardware synth ;) It would be really great if you can
post the missing pieces to make Festival a viable alternative to

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@xxxxxxxxxxx>: office voice/fax: 01 519 4222723
  Business Advantage through Community Software - http://teledyn.com
"what I need is a job that doesn't interfere with my work" -gary murphy

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