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RESOLVED: no sound from emacspeak(21.0) + festival(1.95)... localhost not in access...

I got it working!!! (with fedora core 3.0, emacs/peak
21.0 with flite 1.4.2 and eflite0.3.9) I originally
couldn't compile flite on FC3, because in flite folder
when I did ./configure then make, and while compiling
find_sts_main.c, got the error message:
find_sts_main.c: In function 'find_sts':
find_sts_main.c:96: error: assignment of read-only
member 'size'
find_sts_main.c:100: error: assignment of read-only
find_sts_main.c:103: error: assignment of read-only

in tools/find_sts_main.c after #include <string.h> I
added #define const
This makes nothing const in that file so it could
compile. Admittedly it's a bit unsafe but at least
emacspeak works now so I'll hope for the best...

Thanks again for everyone's input to help me get up
and running with this!

--- hararghe1@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi!
> I am using fedora core 3.0, emacs/peak 21.0 with
> flite 1.4.2 and eflite0.3.9, 
> do you think that will help you?
> Wess
> LCSR, Rutgers
> Table with 2 columns and 6 rows
> Subj:
> Re: no sound from emacspeak(21.0) +
> festival(1.95)... localhost not in access 
> list
> Date:
> 5/27/2005 4:50:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time
> From:
> virtualguitar@xxxxxxxxxxx
> To:
> garym@xxxxxxxxxxx
> CC:
> emacspeak@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent from the Internet
> (Details)
> table end
> > See the discussion yesterday and today about the
> > AccentSA: The ONLY
> > synths supported by Emacspeak are the Dectalk,
> FLite
> > and
> > ViaVoice. _NO_ other synths will work without a
> lot
> > of elisp and tcl
> > coding.
> Thanks for the response :)
> FreeTTS offers an emacspeak speech server and claims
> to work with emacspeak (and I tried it though
> haven't
> gotten it to work either). So you're saying it
> doesn't
> now... did it used to? Would you happen to know hich
> versions worked with each other? I'm happy with
> using
> older versions of anything as long as I can get
> something to work.
> As for Speakup, I found the page
> http://www.linux-speakup.org/speakup.html but it
> looks
> like it only works with hardware synthesizers (I
> only
> recognized a couple in their list). Is that true?
> Dectalk is hardware and ViaVoice is not available
> anywhere (and oh how I looked!) so it sounds like my
> only option is FLite unless I want to buy a
> synthesizer.
> Thanks again for your advice,
> Jason

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