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Best Practices in W3 and TRPlayer

Now that I have trplayer and w3 working (see below), I have some
best-practices questions:

1) does w3-mode have a bookmark or hotlist feature?  I searched
   through the keybindings but did not find anything -- is there
   some other tip or trick for saving a hotlist of websites?

2) what is the most speech-friendly search engine?

3) any recommendations for old-time-radio pages with real-audio
   content?  We've tried searching through google but we're getting
   hopelessly lost trying to navigate the pages we find.  In
   particular we would love to find a nice clean site featuring The
   Shadow, but if we can find a site with only the links, I can
   build a page scraper.

4) is there an easy way to add to the existing Emacspeak library of
   real-audio files?  Is there a direct way to access these files
   besides dired? The Library directores are a great idea, but I
   notice most of the current directories are empty.

5) a developer question: I know we'll never get Javascript in w3
   (not in _my_ life-time ;) but does anyone have any examples of
   short e-lisp scripts to do client-side w3 programming?  I'm
   thinking that one example might be to filter the current page
   through a skeletonizer to extract the links or redisplay without

Just for the record, and because the question does come up on this
list, I managed to get trplayer 1.2 working on RedHat 9 thanks to this


The trick posted on that page is to use RealPlayer9 with the
environment variable


I was able to fetch trplayer using yum, so that part was easy, but I
had to locate the RealPlayer9 RPM by hand ... I found it in a PBone
mirror of an archive from Brazil!


I then had to force the install of RealPlayer9 RPM because of a
missing /usr/X11R6/lib/libXm.so.2 -- the current version is so.3 --
just in case, I copied that library manually from another machine, but
I am not certain the file is needed because I could run trplayer
before I had the lib completely copied across.

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