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Unidentified subject!

X-Mailer: VM 7.11 under Emacs 21.3.1
FCC: ~/Mail/outbox
--text follows this line--
Hello list,
      I am using Emacspeak-21 with emacs-21.3-21.FC3 with
      flite-1.2release and eflite- I have a problem with using

I receive a lot of pdf files from colleagues: these are mainly
mathematics papers produced via a latex file and pdflatex. The trouble
is that VM shows this as a whitish  rectangle stretching horizontally
across the buffer. If I take the point to this line and press enter, I
get the message `converting to text' and what results is mainly
garbage. The only work-around I have found is to request my
correspondent to first gzip the file before attaching it to the
letter. In this case VM-Emacspeak says "Decoding base 64" and
newfile.pdf.gz appears in the 
~/Mail/attachments/ directory. 

I tried disabling the Raman settings for VM and this did not help. 

There is another category of attachments which gives trouble:

These are plain ascii text files: even if a correspondent `attaches'
the file, VM shows it as if the sender had `pasted it' or inserted it
with a C-x i command. Very recently Mike Gorse was trying to send a
modification of eflite- and no matter how carefully I tried to
extract the code the build would fail. Finally I asked Mike to gzip
the file and this time things worked out.

Second question: Does anybody use eflite- on a Fedora Core 3
system without problem? On my system eflite very frequently chokes

TIA for any suggestions.

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