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problems emacspkeak 22 + flite 1.3.0 + elfite 0.3.9 + FC3,krenel 2.6.12

Kalyan Mukherjea writes:
>	 There was a recent exchange on the list between TVR and
>Jenina Spajka whch  suggests that Fedora and speech servers don't get
>along very well. 
My DecTalk certainly doesn't get on at all well with my FC-1
distribution.  I had to replace the supplied OSS sound with  ALSA  to
get anything at all and now c-e c-s is my very favourite keystroke.  I
attributed this to the fact that the DecTalk speech server is putting
out 16-bit mono while my soundcard insists on 16-bit steroe.  OSS
couldn't solve this problem at all while ALSA solves it with a
plug-in.   I'd always assumed this was potentially flaky but don't
have firm evidence about this.  
Apparently the IT people here are about to upgrade my machine to
CENTOS4, another Linux distribution I don't know very well.  It seems
to be closely related to the RedHat Enterprise distribution.    I'm
not looking forward to getting speech back ...

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