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Re: non-curses terminal emulator?

At 08:20 AM 9/3/2005, Tim wrote:

I think what is really needed is for John to give a clearer
description of what he wants to do

Well, I think I did originally:

     John> This may be unrealistic but is there a terminal
     John> emulator that is not curses based? What I want to do is
     John> use a null-modem cable to connect my laptop to another
     John> linux box running a getty on ttyS0.  Then just open a
     John> shell, login and shut it down or restart the network

Key points that apparently got lost:

1. No curses. I am NOT asking for a curses based program. Quite the contrary.
2. I am connecting via a null-modem cable to a serial port that has a 
getty. Ie. I can't get a network connection.  In fact, that is usually WHY 
I want to connect via the serial port.

Maybe I gave too much detail. Perhaps a simpler way to put it is there 
something easier to use than minicom? Actually, as I type this, I think I 
retreived an answer from somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind -- kermit.

I probably haven't used kermit in 10-15 years but IIRC, the interface is 
what I'm looking for.

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