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kermit escape character?

Last week I asked if anyone had any ideas on which communications program I 
could use when I connected my laptop to another linux machine via a null 
modem cable. So I am now using kermit in a command shell buffer and it 
works well. All our linux machines here at the UW Math Dept have a getty on 
ttyS0. So when the networking is busted, I can still login and fix it.

Anyway, to exit connect mode in kermit, you need to type Ctrl+\ (control 
plus backslash). But emacs seems to be taking it as as a command. So how do 
I get emacs to pass that along to kermit?

I tried googling this but searching for "emacs escape sequence" and stuff 
like that got a bzillion hits but not what I was looking for.

John G. Heim

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