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Files in emacspeak/realaudio/

Hi everyone,
I had always wondered about this directory because it held out the
promise  of listening to the original radio plays written by Douglas
Adams. After much hunting around I managed to find a Fedora rpm for
the realplay software.

But when I tried to run C-e; followed by the file name (which is, I
suppose, what the query `real audio resource' wanted as an answer) 
all I got was 

"apply: Searching for program: no such file or directory, rap"

	 What does this mean? 

In fact, I suspect that I probably don't have the correct binary to
play these files! The only hint in one of the html docs is that  one
should install real audio from Real Time.

The binary I have is /usr/bin/realplay and it came from the rpm:


Any help in sorting this out would be much appreciated.

 Concerning another somewhat related question:

If one wishes to listen to BBC radio programmes,

what software should one use? where does one get the URL's which one
should visit to listen?



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