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Emacspeak 23

Thanks Raman, I will check whats installed. As I have the Cedet
package installed, I actually thought I had the speedbar from
Cedet. I'll Check. 

I also made the standard error of asking two other questions after the
one regarding speedbar, but which you may have not noticed.  Tim>
Finally, in the NEWS file, you make reference to ALSA support for
Outloud and a file called atcleci.cpp and references to notes about it
in the linux-outloud directory. This file is not included in the tar
archive for emacs 23 and there is no reference to it in the notes
within the linux-outloud directory.

I'm also curious that you are running ViaVoice - I was
under the impression it was no longer compatible with
linux due to changes in the C++ libraries. Is this
incorrect and it now works again or are you running old
libraries to make it work?


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