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Hardware Dectalk USB partially working

find out what version of the firmware it is running -- C-e d V in emacspeak

>>>>> "Jerry" == Jerry Sievers <jerry@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Jerry> Hello.  I am in posession of a new hardware Dectalk
    Jerry> USB synth device and to keep things initially simple,
    Jerry> I am using the RS232 serial port.  This is on Fedora 4
    Jerry> with emacspeak 21 and 23.
    Jerry> It does speak but issues a lot of spoken error
    Jerry> messages about phonemes and such.  It complains on
    Jerry> each blank line and it says the word space before each
    Jerry> letter when typing in char echo mode.
    Jerry> I'm going to investigate a lot further and will report
    Jerry> in greater detail when I can.
    Jerry> If there's a solution to these problems, please let me
    Jerry> know.  I wasn't able to verify that this things was
    Jerry> emacspeak compatible before ordering it although I did
    Jerry> try.
    Jerry> Thanks.
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