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Re: emacspeak without tcl8.4

By way of further clarification, /usr/bin/espeak and /usr/bin/eflite were 
created by the espeak and eflite packages respectively.On Mon, 12 Mar 
2012, Tim Cross wrote:

> Jude,
> be aware that both the upstream e-speak package and emacspeak come with
> executable files called espeak. You need to ensure the espeak executable emacs
> and emacspeak are using is the correct one. 
> Also note that the espeak tcl script provided by emacspeak has an expectation
> that the shared library it loads is in a subdirectory relative to the scripts
> working directory called linux-espeak. If the espeak script has been moved to
> /usr/bin, in addition to causing conflicts with the e-speak pacakge binary of
> the same name, the emacspeak espeak script will likely fail because it cannot
> load the atcleci.so library. The script would need to be modified if its
> location is changed from the servers directory. 
> The EMACSPEAK_DIR should not be set to point to /usr/bin. This variable is used
> by emacspeak to find lisp files, auditory icons and other auxillary data files
> and should point to the root of the emacspeak directory, not to /usr/bin.
> I have also used tcl8.5 with both outloud and espeak with no problems. 
> Tim
> Jude DaShiell writes:
>  > That's the situation in archlinux which has a unique upgrade policy.  The 
>  > policy is that rolling upgrades take place.  There's no freezing or 
>  > different versions like with Debian and for now archlinux left tcl8.4 in 
>  > favor of tcl8.5.  If this is an impossible build environment, for as long 
>  > as the necessary files from tcl8.4 remain available for download on the 
>  > internet it may be useful for the emacspeak project to have the links to 
>  > them documented.  While emacspeak was installed on this system, it and 
>  > espeak and eflite were all in the /usr/bin directory and I had echo 
>  > $DTK_PROGRAM returning either eflite or espeak once .profile was modified 
>  > correctly and echo $EMACSPEAK_DIR returned /usr/bin.  Even with these 
>  > conditions, and with the understanding that talking arch uses espeak to 
>  > talk in the first place running emacspeak only got me a process speaker 
>  > not running message after which I had to issue the three finger salute to 
>  > exit the environment.  For now, emacspeak is in unsupported status on 
>  > archlinux and if it gets enough votes and an adopter it could move into a 
>  > supported status.
>  > 
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Jude <jdashiel-at-shellworld-dot-net>

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