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Re: Question about epub support

I wouldn't expect any support for DRM encumbered epub files. Such
support usually involves confidentiality agreements, licensing fees
and proprietary technology which I cannot see fitting within an open
source project.

IMO DRM is counter productive. Like the music industry, the publishing
industry needs to realize that the business model for success is to
make material readily available at a reasonable cost. Most people are
quite happy to pay for, rather than pirate content, provided the costs
are not outrageous. Publishers who are charging as much, or in some
cases more, for a PDF/EPUB version of their publications are putting
greed in front of common sense and encouraging the very behaviour they
fear. Any support for DRM gives implicit support for a bad market
model and certainly not something I would work on. This of course is
just my opinion. I have no knowledge on what Raman's plans might be
and of course, as this is open source, anyone can work on and
contribute enhancements, which are usually accepted into the
distribution, provided they can be GPL'd and meet reasonable standards
of stability and quality etc.


On 7 May 2012 17:01, Jonathan Groll <lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sat, 5 May 2012 07:19:04 -0700, "T. V. Raman" <tv.raman.tv@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> It's only been tested in w3m -- would be harder to do with
>> w3m. Look at the code in emacspeak-epub.el where I define a
>> custom url executor -- it's a pattern that is also used in the
>> BBC  iplayer code in emacspeak-url-template.el. Basically, the
>> custom handler parses out the components of the fake url,
>> extracts the right piece from the zip archive and renders it -- I
>> suspect you can make w3m do the same with a bit of work.
> Presumably, the epub feature also only works with DRM free epubs? How
> are DRM restricted epub files handled?
> Cheers,
> Jonathan
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> jjg: Jonathan J. Groll : groll co za
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Tim Cross

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