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Re: [orca-list] [BRLTTY] Handling data flow diagrams and system flow charts

Here are some tiiiips:

>From the thread, it's unclear whether you're looking for
solutions that will help you create or consume such diagrams  --
the two questions are separate and should be thought of

Before you ever get to the creation step, you need to first solve
the problem of learning the material that you're supposed to by
consuming these plots --- for that I'd personally not focus
exclusively on the graphs/plots, but on the actual material ---
in most cases -- except if you're an arts student studying fine
visual art, the visual  plots/graphs are a tool to help learning,
not the material being learnt.

Once you're at the next stge, where you've learnt the material,
and now need to express your own ideas e.g. a homework assignment
--- is where you need to be able to create plots and graphs
analogous to what was encountered at the first step.  

For this, I'd personally use the following:

1. Some of the drawing packages in LaTeX  -- my own personal
favorite is the pstricks package.

2. For more complex problems I'd point at Asymptote --  an
extremely powerful drawing program backed by a really nice

Above all, look for drawing tools that let you say what you want,
rather than tools that expect you to rely on visual feedback on
the screen to adjust your drawing.
>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Dalton <d.dalton@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Daniel> On Sat, Feb 09, 2013 at 10:28:55AM -0800, Don Raikes
    Daniel> wrote:
    >> Do you think maxima could be used for network diagrams?
    Daniel> I wouldn't have thought so, maxima from what I used
    Daniel> anyway is just good for sketching graphs of functions
    Daniel> or plotting points.
    Daniel> Although, it can draw some simple shapes like
    Daniel> triangles, but I don't know how precise its actual
    Daniel> drawing capabilities are...
    Daniel> Thanks, Dan
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