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Re: emacspeak on android

A few of us have been following a different route, but it is not all there yet.

On rooted android device, install linux in a chroot.
In that linux, install emacs and emacspeak.

Now the fun begins because the chrooted linux does not have access to sound, and if you give it that access any time android and linux fight over who is writing to the audio device, the system reboots.

So, we have been playing with emacspeak running on the chroot and using android as the "remote" speech server. It works but it dies now and then, and when the speech server dies you get no message other than a popup on the display (not of much use if your blind or not using the display).

So, on the one hand, Yes - you can run emacspeak on an android device if rooted with a linux chroot, but it is not quite ready for dedicated use yet.

Hopefully, soon.


On Feb 10, 2013 3:19 PM, "Jason White" <jason@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bart Bunting <bart@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Was just wondering if anyone has emacspeak running on an android device?

You first need Emacs to run on that device, in which connection see this Git

After that, the speech server has to be written.
> I currently don't own an android device but have been giving it serious
> thought for my next phone upgrade.

I'm planning to buy one, most likely this year. Android 4.2 has a good
reputation for its accessibility features, and the possibility of eventually
running Emacs on it makes it even more desirable.

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