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RE: ubuntu needs attention

Yeah, Ubuntu's had that version of Emacspeak for years and years now.  It never ever gets updated.  If you want a current version of Emacspeak to run on your Ubuntu installation, you will have to do it from source.  I've posted numerous times on the Ubuntu Accessibility List to get Emacspeak's deb package updated to the current version but the response is always "Not enough people use it to justify the time spent on keeping the package up to date."  The Vinux project got as far as Emacspeak 32 in Ubuntu 10.04 and even included it on the installation .iso cd for a time but it was later dropped in favor of things that got more users since Emacspeak learning curve is very steep compared to what's out there these days for blind people to get work done on Linux.  I tried addressing this by creating a small tutorial to give people a head start using modern screen readers as the common ground and then working from there.  This generated some interest at first but, it didn't last.  I guess my point is, if you want Ubuntu's Emacspeak to be up to date, either install from source or, if you have the time and inclination, find out how to build Ubuntu deb packages and become its maintainer.  

Sorry you are having such a bad time of it on there,
Alex M

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Hi guys

I have a problem with current ubuntu. It contains emacspeak 29, on which I cannot use emacspeak with espeak server. This is what I get after "tclsh espeak":

can not find channel named "file0"
     while executing
"fconfigure file0 -encoding utf-8"
     (file "servers/espeak" line 502)

It kind of fits the previous problem, that I couldn't see espeak among the speech servers to choose from.

I remember seeing the same message on stable debian. Now when I use debian jessie (unstable), this message is gone and emacspeak is working fine. So it seems like emacspeak should be upgraded on ubuntu. Currently it is at version 29, even in "saucy" ubuntu, which I guess is unstable.


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