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Mac specific trick for working with chromevox and emacs


Here is a little trick I'm finding useful when working with edit fields
in chrome.

The EditWithEmacs chrome extension allows you to edit textareas in
emacs.  Just install it from the chrome store.

Once you follow the instructions you will get something called "gumdrop"
after text areas.  Click on this and the text area content pops up in
emacs for editing and c-c c-c closes the buffer.

The trick is that when this happens I was having to manually switch
focus between chrome and emacs.  Not all that cumbersome but annoying

With the addition of two tiny defuns and the hooks provided by
edit-server I have been able to automate that process.

So now when I click the gumdrop I'm in the focused emacs buffer and when
I hit c-c c-c when finished I'm back in chrome.

I thought this may be helpful to anyone else out there using mac with

Here is the trivial code.

(defun bb-focus-chrome ()
(ns-do-applescript "tell application \"Google Chrome\" 
end tell"))

(add-hook 'edit-server-done-hook 'bb-focus-chrome)

(defun bb-focus-emacs ()
(ns-do-applescript "tell application \"Emacs\" 
end tell"))

(add-hook 'edit-server-start-hook 'bb-focus-emacs)
Kind regards


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