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let's remove q switch from emacspeak startup script

I'd like to return to the subject of starting emacspeak. I already was thinking of improving the way Emacspeak starts up in "emacspeak intialization" thread [1], but that time I thought the q switch is obligatory and that Emacspeak *must* start before the user init file. Now I doubt this is really a must.

Let's do some classification of startup methods:

A. From current emacspeak script, which is -q option and launching emacspeak-setup.el and then user init file with -l option
B. From the top of user init file
C. From the bottom of user init file
D. From command line using only the -l switch

I believe many people favor the B method, because they want to be able to use "customize" Emacs facility. Raman, you use this method too, right?

Methods C and D are equivalent. Now the differences between methods B and C/D are minimal. It's only about which should be processed first: emacspeak-setup.el or user init file.

If we modify the emacspeak script and just remove -q switch as well as the workarounds for launching user init file with the -l option - what negative effect could it bring?

I can think only of Emacspeak specific commands that we put inside the user init file. But these may be easily wrapped inside a hook, for example eval-after-load "emacspeak-setup".

After a good startup procedure is established, the corresponding installation manual parts may need to be adjusted. Please, let's do something with the wrong emacspeak startup script.

Before starting this thread I searched the mailing list, but couldn't find the explanation behind the strange startup script.

One more thing, a note from emacspeak.sh:

# emacspeak - execute emacs with speech enhancements
# this file needs a maintainer, I, (tv.raman.tv@xxxxxxxxxxx) am not presently maintaining it.
# AKA  Use at your own risk, and if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces.
# Patches that are fully tested always welcome.

The default script for launching emacspeak, suggested by manual pages, has a note "use at your own risk", "no maintainer". That's the proof that something's not right.


[1] https://www.emacspeak.org/VCCS-archive/2013/msg00385.html

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