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pitch changes on windows version


First thanks for giving the exact instructions on how to observe pitch changes.

It's very difficult for me to hear the pitch differences, but after some debugging I see them in the code. And I think I feel it in one place, where it is rather easy to spot. Please do the following:

1. Start Emacspeak for Windows 38.04 using emacspeak_raw.bat file
2. C-h r - start Emacs info
3. Open elisp node
4. Go to the place with "Index", I use C-s for that
5. Now going up from Index line to the empty line and back, we can listen to "Index" word spoken twice. First - as a node, second - as a description. The second one is done at higher pitch.

Do you hear the pitch changes using this procedure? I do.

But I see that some events cause the pitch changes to disappear. So it's important to first confirm that using raw Emacspeak, without any other actions despite described above, the pitch change is working well.

After that I will remove bugs and try to make pitch changes more noticeable. But first things first.


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