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Re: let's remove q switch from emacspeak startup script

W dniu 2013-11-10 20:48, T. V. Raman pisze:
emacspeak *must* start before loading any packages that need to
be speech-enabled, otherwise you'll get bizarre breakages.

(info "(elisp)Startup Summary")

Point 12. User init file
Point 15. Package initialization
Point 21. Command line options (-l)

That means that current emacspeak.sh script doesn't start Emacspeak before packages. And after the change I suggest, this will remain in the same state. But at least "customize" would work.

I agree that the best way to start Emacspeak is through the top of user init file. This should even be shown in the manual as the best option. But I am trying to change the default way of starting. I want it to be much better than now, although not perfect.


Faulty user init file does not prevent -l scripts from starting. So this is not a problem. About packages - answered above.


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